It’s been a few weeks into Fashion week all over the world. I thought I was going to just let it slip pass while I contemplate on the meaning of life/poop/get fat procrastinate and pretend I forgot all about it.

Then, I had to come across images of the Gareth Pugh F/W collection. My mind proceeds to get blown, constructing memes in my head like “GARETH PUGH, Y U SO AWESOME?”

This model walks like a samurai.

The collection is a perfect embodiment and demonstration of how the colour black is not boring as long as there is a play on textures and silhouette. The use of semi-shiny leather and matte fabric is simply godly.

Gareth Pugh’s style has always been very architectural and balancing the masculinity of structure with softness of drapes has always been his forte.

Sci-fi priest!! Or knight in civvies!!

If it’s a collection to jump-start me out of my procrastination, it has to be good. Thank you Gareth Pugh for getting me on Fashion Week mode. 😀