Once again, I’m kinda late on this. Travelling around most of the time has taken a toll on me, with the cumulative sleep debt that I have, I -could- be that Disney chick they call the “sleeping beauty”. (ok I kid.) I am usually anticipative of New York Fashion Week, with both big names and upcoming designers to watch out for. I love the kind of vibe New York gives. It makes you do stuff and feel like you can achieve anything. But I digress. One of the designers I usually watch is obviously Alexander Wang. His Spring/Summer 2010 collection was a little too colourful for me. *cough* But there were details that I appreciated and the shoes were so much love. This season, he went black. I raised an eyebrow seeing all the bare midriffs thinking to myself, “This is a Fall/ Winter collection?” Then I realise that it is irrelevant to me since where I am, I can bear my midriffs if I want to all year round anyway. While, I -may not agree on the certain fabrics used, I have to say that the pairing of the certain textures make for interesting end results. One has to zoom into the details to truly appreciate the aesthetics of this collection. Trunk bags are love. I’m going to start bringing mine out more often. While many may not realise it, but this style of wearing thigh high leg warmers is actually a popular trend on the streets of Harajuku way back in 2004. I still have the pair that I bought. I think it’s time to bring it out now that it has came back into fashion. I had contemplated for the longest time to throw them out. Pretty glad that I have procrastinated. The deconstructed suiting details is ingenious to me. I love how the lapels of a men’s jacket is made to look like halter straps. Overall, I am pretty pleased with his collection for this season. He just manages to deliver simple styles with clear details and elements that allows for us fashion bloggers to get really excited about. I should expect an influx of people wearing thigh high leg warmers now.

All images from Style.com