Just when I thought my sheer maxi skirts and dresses are too last season, Ann Demeulemeester decided to breathe life into this seemingly old trend. I was so ready to give up on my Cheap Monday chiffon skirt.

This season, Ann Demeulemeester seems to be missing the usually coveted accessories like belts and hair accessories though we’re spotting some (what I think is leather) hats. The choker seems interesting although I really hope to see a closeup picture of it before I decide if I like them. The hats are not really my thing and the shoes seems to be slightly less exciting this season as well.

What I do love is how chiffon flows in such an ethereal manner when you walk. It’s always one of my favorite fabrics to turn to when I choose to layer and it seems effortless how Ann Demeulemeester is doing it here.