It feels good to come back after a long leave of absence – I’d like to blame it on the fact that my hard drive became irretrievably corrupted (thus taking ALL of my pictures with them. I’m seriously looking into cloud storage), but I’d be lying if laziness did not play a part in my radio silence. Chances are that you might have noticed a few (i.e. complete) changes we’ve made on the site. A few nifty widgets have been added, notably an interactive Instagram widget to the right. Click on either to visit Arissa’s and my Instagram pages, where there’s probably more frequent updates!

Third and last year in Uni has proven to be really tough: between planning my thesis and attending school, there hasn’t really been time for taking outfit pictures. I find the process of editing pictures extremely cathartic though, so you might just see more updates while I’m busy procrastinating finishing school work.

Anyway, I’ve discovered that the easiest way to look polished is to simply reach for a dark lipstick. Chanel’s Rouge Orage is a constant favourite. It’s deep without being dramatic, and the formula is easy to apply without worrying about uneven outlines.