For the longest time, I’ve lusted after the Jersey Tank Dress with scarf from Pleasure Principle after I’ve seen it on Camille of childhoodflames.

Unfortunately, I don’t have US$235 to spare and I must add that it’s already sold out everywhere.

I love the versatility of having a piece of garment that can be worn in infinite ways so it makes it seem like you’ve got 147367 dresses instead of just one.

After studying her pictures, I have deduced the structure of the dress and et voila~!  I think I managed to replicate one that is of decent quality. Sure, it’s not the same thing, but I am extremely pleased with the results nonetheless. I wish I had made it longer though.

I’m sure you’re not interested in all that. Onward to the photos~!

Pleasure Principle replica-8

Pleasure Principle replica-7

Pleasure Principle replica-10Pleasure Principle replica-11

Pleasure Principle replica-9Pleasure Principle replica-2

Pleasure Principle replica-3Pleasure Principle replica-6Pleasure Principle replica-4

Pleasure Principle replica-5I think I should have a prize for having the same facial expression in the photos.