Resisting the urge to shop online isn’t one of my merits. In my defense, I was also looking for stuff I can use for my costume during Halloween. Taobao is a treasure trove of all things awesome (and cheap!!) and I really have to thank for their wonderful shopping service. I should really get down to a mini tutorial on how to do your shopping on taobao.

I know I haven’t really been posting the last month, aside from making the costume from scratch and trying to source for fabrics, I had to juggle work as well. Not a cool feat.

Onward to the haul!

Bunch of outers that I got lately since winter is approaching.

From left to right:

  • Topshop Blazer
  • Sheer chiffon vest from taobao
  • Draped contrast jacket from taobao

The contrast jacket has got to be one of my favorite purchase (clothing-wise anyway) from taobao thus far. I am feeling generous today so I will include the taobao link to the jacket.

An array of bottoms I got because I seem to be wearing the same old jeans. All of them are from H&M except for the chiffon skirt looming at the back. It’s not exactly something I can put on during winter but I guess it’s still sensible to buy some clothes that I can actually wear in Singapore. There is a favoritism towards leather detailing these days.

And here’s my favorite part. SHOES!

Someone on Formspring asked if I’ve considered the androgynous look. Truth be told, with my short hair now, I look more like an adolescent boy but menswear-inspired shoes can be so much more comfortable than my heels. These are from a local brand called “Depression”. The straps make for an awesome detail when worn cause they wrap around the ankles. I dropped by their newly opened store in Cineleisure. Do visit it, they have menswear as well.

Adding on to this new-found love for menswear-inspired shoes, I also got this pair of Alexander Wang replicas from taobao. I was surprised at how well-made this pair of shoes are. The leather (no idea if it’s real leather) is buttery to touch and it doesn’t cut. I would definitely recommend buying it. Don’t quote me on the other products they have though, I only bought one item from them.

Next up is this pair of Theysken Theory replica. They look almost like the real deal except if you look closely, the insoles are from Jeffrey Campbell. That bit amuses me greatly. However, the first night I wore it, I got 6 blisters and the back loop which holds the straps down at the back broke on me. The only merit? They look awesome.

Regular readers of this blog would find these familiar. I had actually bought a pair of these dsquared replica in my last taobao order. I broke them when I was in Moscow, it could be the way I packed it or the lousy quality of the shoes itself. Long story short, I needed it in my life and I had to get a replacement. I don’t remember the last one’s link so I searched for another seller instead and prepared myself for the similar blotched quality. When it finally arrived, I was pleasantly surprised, they were definitely built better than the last one and there was no bubbly paintjob to be seen on the heels.

Lovely bag! Only draw is that the shoulder straps are thin and to support its weight and all the stuff that going to be inside is going to be a huge strain on my shoulders.

I laid my eyes on this envelope clutch when I was at the H&M showroom earlier this year. They’re versatile and simple enough to match with any outfit.

Lastly, there’s this beautiful lambskin totebag which I also got from taobao. They’re a tad pricey (for taobao standard) cause it’s real leather. I think they’re a replica of the totebag from Celine but who cares?? It’s a simple design but I’m quite afraid of putting heavy stuff inside cause lambskin isn’t as tough as calf leather. It took the longest to arrive at Peeka‘s China receiving centre though.

Pretty long list of stuff that I have here but then again, I haven’t blogged in ages. Sorry about that but now that we are approaching the end of the year, I hope that I can finally find time to blog regularly once more. Thank you all for reading!