While it has never really been cool here, I think the heat has climbed to an unbearable height lately. I feel the urge to switch all the staples in my wardrobe to lighter, more airy versions. My usual black blazer has been replaced with a cream linen version, I find myself favouring sleeveless outfits these days.

I bought the tea length dress from ASOS on impulse. It really isn’t what I would normally wear, but it just brings to mind idyllic hours spent in a cafe, sipping iced latte. (Or am I being too fanciful here?) I’d pair it with cream socks and high heeled sandals 😀 I bought more things from ASOS as well, but they are all winter coats and stuff so I don’t think anyone would be interested. I can so see myself abusing ASOS’s student discount in the future.

I love love love this sleeveless shirt from m)phosis. It’s so comfortable! However, I’ve noticed that their prices has really gone up drastically these few years. It is becoming harder and harder for me to fork out $50 for a basic top of average quality.

I have this Mango blazer for a while already actually, I just never got around to photographing it. It reminds me of a school blazer – I think summer’s the perfect time to wear ridiculously cute or kitschy items like these!

What are some of your staples this summer?