Admittedly, I have never really been a fan of Hong Kong. I thought the shopping there was pretty ordinary and obviously, I’ve been shopping in the wrong places, that or I haven’t been there in  long time so everything is fresh and new to me.

Bargaining with the Hongkies (?) is a pain in the ass, they’re rude and they quote ridiculous prices that you have to get down to at least 50% of what they quote or else it’s a ripoff. Someone tried to charge me US$30 bucks for a card reader. Seriously! (I might’ve even snorted out loud) By the time I was almost out the door, the price was down to less than US$. I shit you not.

So anyway, back to the good shopping.

I was outlet shopping and then I went to H&M.

I ended up buying all these at H&M and that is on top of the shoes that I managed to find at the outlet mall that I went to.

I think leather shorts are a staple. I got myself 2!

I’ve been eyeing these accessories ever since I visited the Singapore H&M Showroom. I was actually quite surprised to see them as I had not expected them out at the stores yet. Hurray for unexpected find.

Another item that I had my eye on when I was in the showroom. So glad to see it in the stores. The clasp is pretty steampunk according to Dawn.

The clasp on this bag makes it really convenient for me to retrieve stuff from it.

I didn’t manage to include these Gareth Pugh boots in the main picture. I must’ve forgotten. Anyway! These were from the outlet mall that I mentioned and I am loving the contrast in the materials used. There’s also a patent + suede version but I am a klutz and will most likely scuff it to death.

These Rick Owens were from the Lane Crawford outlet and they are amazing to wear. The incline is a little steep but I guess it will take a little getting used to.

I am definitely taking my words back now. I love shopping in Hong Kong and I will definitely look forward to a trip there!