Okay, it’s not a shoe. But it’s the awesome BuckyBalls!!! It’s rare earth magnets that promises hours of entertainment.

A pair of awesome wedges I bought from Esperanza in Tokyo. I was shopping in Shinjuku during Valentine’s Day and I thought I should buy myself something. The architectural lines that makes up the heel makes this pair of wedges my favorite one right now. Plus points for being comfortable too.

I would link to their online site but they still don’t have these shoes. I’ll link an Acne knock-off then.

Hannah Loafers from Alexander Wang which I have been eye-ing for the longest time. Imagine my joy when it was on sale on the Opening Ceremony. Not the most comfortable shoes though. I think the pain level is comparable to my Acne Atacomas.

Hairband and studded belt from m)phosis. I swear m)phosis is great for buying accessories during their sale. The belt costs me like 10bucks and the hairband was $3.20?