Amidst all the work that I’ve managed to do for the last week, I’m surprised I actually managed to find time to shop with Jingna at Woodbury Common last Friday. The first half of the trip involved us being unimpressed with everything and we revisited some stores and bought stuff “just because”. I think we were trying to save our money just in case we saw something better at another store…but we didn’t.

These Chloé sandals were last Spring/Summer. The funny thing is, I actually bought them once at the end-season sale last year but I sold it to a colleague partly cause I wanted to buy another Ann Demeulemeester sandals instead. I couldn’t let it go this time though.

If there’s something I really lack in my wardrobe, it’s sensible belts. I have plenty of thick statement belts but when it comes to finding a proper one to hold my pants up, I don’t have any. This Calvin Klein one is reversible so should the day come where I need a white belt, I have one ready.

While it isn’t THAT warm in New York yet, I have started to stock up on shorts! The scallop hem ones look perfectly cute and I am really falling for the crocheted shorts as well. If I don’t get to wear them while I’m in New York, I think they will still come in useful when I’m back in Singapore. These are both from H&M.