April 24, 2011
Arissa Ha

Dawn and I went on a crazed Etsy search for accessories and I stumbled upon a site which had pretty neat rings, they were affordable and of decent quality.

I bought something which looked like the YSL arty ring, which I wanted to try on before deciding if I should blow a larger amount on a ring. I don’t think I’m quite suited for it? Maybe I should wear it out more often to let it grow on me first.

The other ring is a horizontal cross knuckle ring, which I had the Forever 21 version in silver.

The rings are from snefter on etsy.com. Do note I am not endorsing them, merely stating where they are from.

I’m still awaiting a ring from another store, I hope it arrives when I’m home.

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2 Responses to “Recent Purchases: More accessory spam”

  1. pockiexx says:

    Pretty accessories! :O I really want some rings like that…


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