Hello everyone, I guess Dawn’s been holding the fort while I slack off. I just came back from a beach vacation in Phuket and got promptly sunburnt. Previously unknown to me, sunburns can cause swollen skin. So here I am, blogging away in bed feeling sorry for myself while I feel like a swollen blob of… swollen blob. Sunblock people, put on your sunblock.

I got this bag about 3 weeks(?) ago, I’ve been using it ever since. The purse clasp-like opening makes it really convenient and easy to take stuff in and out of the bag. Also, the leather feels like the Coco Duffel from Alexander Wang, which makes it an even bigger draw. This bag reminds me of a certain bag but I can’t put my finger on it, if anyone’s got any information it will be really helpful. I got it from a shop called “My Room” in Far East Plaza for about S$200(?), unfortunately, the stuff they carry are usually in limited pieces and this was the only bag I saw in the store. If anyone’s interested in hunting for unique pieces and treasures, you should check out that store regularly.

This notebook is from the Passions series from Moleskine, I guess if you read our blog regularly, you might already know that I am a huge Moleskine fan. This is one more for the collection and I really hope the bag and lifestyle collection will be out soon.

Coffee~!!! One of our guilty pleasures. At times, it’s a sine qua non when we head out to blog or do blog-related activities. I’m having the Iced Mocha villa from The Coffee Club. Ice cream mmmm…