Sorry for the lack of post lately… I would come up with an excuse for my absence, but I simply have too many good ones to choose from. So instead, I shall be truthful and admit that I am just an unproductive lump of laziness.

Here are a few things I have bought lately. Clockwise from top:

  • Topshop sweater. I am on a sweater binge. I bought 2 in the span of a few hours and I would be unapologetic about buying even more. Just throw one on over a pair of jeans and I am good to go anywhere. The flagship store at Knightsbridge currently offers 20% off each piece if you buy 2 or more items. Selected items only.
  • Mphosis belt. I needed a belt and this is 9.90. It’s cheaper than my lunch ←My most common excuse to justify buying something.
  • Topshop flats. The very first pair of flats (discounting boots) in my closet. It was an impulse buy after a day of walking around. These are just an interim pair though, I am still on the lookout for a pair of fierce flats.
  • Mphosis cape. I remember lusting after this a year (?) ago. But it was $80 and I just couldn’t justify buying it, being a student. And also because I live in Singapore. Now that it’s 70% off, I can justify buying it even if I live in the sub saharan desert.
  • Mphosis hairband. 50% off 9.90. I poured out all my loose change and bought it simply because it added up just right.
  • Topshop skirt Not on sale unfortunately. But I needed a new bottom and this looked sorta nice.

Next up is a random series of pictures that I just didn’t know where to insert them into. But I guess they do sum up my life – Cats, Coffee and books.