If anything, I would wanna be known as the friend who has the most awesome shoes. New to the collection is a pair of shoes that was a lucky find in Amsterdam while I was out shopping with Dawn.

We chanced upon their winter sale season (which is really late considering how London usually has theirs in January) and there, these pair of shoes were, tucked right at the far right corner. Hovering above it was a neon pink sign which said “70% off”. My hands picked up these seemingly normal pair of booties until I felt some cold metal at the base.

It took me a few seconds to register it and when I did, I showed it to Dawn and there was probably some squealing involved. You know one of those things that helps you decide if you should seal the deal immediately?

The magic combination is usually “They’re the last pair.” and “It’s in my size!!!!!”

You know what happens next.

I love shoes that boggles people’s mind.

I got these Jeffrey Campbell Nightwalks when they had first came up. One thing to bear in mind, if that initial release is popular, you can count on the fact that JC will release at least 6 other shoes with the same shoe last but in different designs/fabrics. I lost count of the Nightwalk variations that they had released.

These are a pair of my older shoes but was never featured. The Topshop Wisteria. Extremely comfortable pair of shoes I would actually be okay partying in them.

Which are your favorite shoes at the moment?

*omake (oh-mah-kay) : おまけ or extra.