I have finally amassed enough recent purchases to warrant a post! The worst thing about online shopping is the wait for it to ship to you… I am still waiting for a couple more items to come in the mail!

Beach fever has really gripped me lately, I’ve been buying so many things I will never get to wear again in a few months time! But it always feels much better when you are buying frivolous items, doesn’t it.

Loots from this round includes:

  • H&M inspired summer dress
    This dress sticks out like a sore thumb in my wardrobe, but I really just couldn’t resist the combination of mint and coral. I don’t think I will ever wear this outside of the beach, though!
  • Black chiffon bow blouse
    Perfect for layering under a dress or a jacket.
  • Alexander Wang inspired leopard clutch
    I’ve been pining for it ever since Arissa bought hers! I can’t wait to carry this out.
  • Topshop zipper skirt
    I have a bad habit. If I deem one particular item a staple (in this case, a tight skirt), I go out and buy a hundred different variations of it. This is my fourth already.
  • Vivienne Westwood x Melissa inspired shoes
    The rubber provides really great traction along the pool side!

A closer look at the clutch

The heels are a bright, bubblegum pink in real life! I have no idea how to coordinate them, actually.

What do you like to wear by the sea? Let me know!