July 30, 2011
Arissa Ha

As mentioned previously, Dawn and I made an order on Taobao via Peeka.sg !! Taobao is like the equivalent of eBay except more awesome, it’s like a wholesale site without having to buy in large quantities.

The catch is that it is based in China which means

  1. Your search terms would have to be in Mandarin
  2. You’ll need a proxy site, China bank account or a shopping service in order to buy from Taobao.
  3. Like eBay, you’d have to beware of scammers. There’s a constant need to check for seller ratings if you wanna buy something

And no, I will not be writing a tutorial on how to buy from there cause Peeka.sg is based in Singapore and I wouldn’t know if there are any ways you can shop on Taobao in your country, it’s far too complicated and I won’t endorse anyone who might potentially scam you.

Where were we? Shoes~!!!

Half of them are authentic and the other half  are knockoffs which I bought from Taobao. It might be hard to tell at first glance though.

These Dsquared Nappa spine boots are not the real deal. When they first arrived I was quite disappointed with them cause the heels were spray painted and it was a horrible blue-white which I hate. Also, one of the heels had bubbles from a blotched spray job.

They look fine in the picture cause they’re been sanded down, primed and air brushed to look like actual bones (by the best boyfriend in the world no less). They’re much more convincing and pleasing to the eye. I’ll see if I can find WIP pictures.

It is surprisingly comfortable to wear though.

Ann Demeulemeester Spring/summer 2011 half boots. Real deal, love them to bits as I went all over NYC trying to find them. Really really comfortable, I spent the whole day in them without any aches.

Another pair from the Ann Demeulemeester 2011 collection. I got these for 50% off from the Club 21 sale in Singapore. My awesome friends got me vouchers from there for my birthday and I had to spend it on my absolute favorite brand ever.

Rick Owens knockoff which I got from Taobao. In short, these shoes stink, they have that fake pleather smell which I hate, I hope airing them out would help. Also, they are very stiff, I haven’t worn them out so it’s hard to tell if they’ll be comfortable.

Other purchases included the Alexander Wang inspired mirror clutch and the Linda Farrow Mickey mouse glasses which I also got from taobao.

In summary, you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. There is definitely a difference in quality between authentic items and knockoffs. I don’t advocate one or the other and I think it’s really a personal preference, choice, availability and of course how much you’re willing to splurge. The Ann Demeulemeester shoes were expensive and I could only afford them with the subsidy of my friends (who are AWESOME by the way).

However, I do think that awesome shoes should be available to everyone one way or the other.

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16 Responses to “Recent Purchases: Awesome shoe haul”

  1. J says:

    the spine boots look awesome!! (even thought they are not the real deal) Hope to see them in your outfit posts!


  2. Can’t wait to see outfit posts featuring all your new shoes!


  3. Cate says:

    I love those spine shoes, I saw a pair on ebay but they where waaaay overpriced for knock-offs if I could find a way to fashion my own I would love that but I guess i just gotta keep an eye out on the cheap stalls for now xoxo


  4. Sonia says:

    Those spine heels are amazing! By any chance would you be willing to share the link of where in Taobao you got them? I can only find the peekaboo heels which I dislike. Thanks! :)


  5. Lots of shoes. You have done really well :)

    Japan Australia


  6. Girlish says:

    LOVE THOSE SHOES! I’m also a Singaporean blogger!



    Arissa replied on



  7. OMG, I want those spine heels. Even though they’re knockoffs, it’s still cool to own!


  8. Lisa says:

    I’ve actually happened to buy something with taoboa just this month! (using a service) Do you mind mentioning where you got the spine boots from? I really love them, even if they needed some work done to them.


    Arissa replied on

    They broke on me, you might wanna reconsider buying them now.


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  10. aisyah says:

    wondering, is peeka reliable?
    is their shipping cheap?


  11. Lea says:

    Hi, i’m in Sgp and i recently tried ordering from taobao but it didn’t really work for me probably because my chinese really sucks. do they ship here after i pay by credit card or do i have to arrange shipping seperately? sorry if it’s troublesome but hopefully you can help me out a little here, thanks!!


    Arissa replied on

    We use a shopping service called Peeka.sg I’m not sure what your arrangements are. I have not ordered from taobao directly before.


    Lea replied on

    oh so you just give your credit card details and peeka will settle all the shipping & stuff for you? sounds great, i’ll check it out!


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