I can’t believe it is already November. Where did my time go?! It’s going to be winter soon and I am still posting about and buying autumn clothes…it’s ridiculous. Sorry for the lack of posts, school has been hectic, and when I am not busy rushing assignments, I’m busy sleeping. Clearly the life I lead is very exciting.

These are the items I’ve purchased ever since coming to London. It seems like I’ve shopped a lot, but these are purchases accumulated over the past couple months! It’s turning chillier these days, and I’ve sadly underpacked.

First up are the outers.. Clockwise from top: H&M double breasted jacket. It’s nowhere heavy enough for winter or even later this month, but it’s just about right for now. Zara blazer with zipper accents. I was eyeing it in store, but once I found out that Arissa bought the same one I couldn’t resist getting it. It’s heavier than it looks, and it keeps me warm on mild days. Topshop oversized top. It’s perfect to lounge around the room in. American Apparel unisex cardigan in camel I got from the sale at Brick Lane a couple weeks ago. I’ve started to branch out into neutrals and camel is one of my favourite shades! H&M knit jumper. I’ve realized how warm these things keep me. They are perfect when I am running late for classes and don’t want to wear anything too fussy as well! H&M leather belt. 99% of store bought belts simply don’t fit me, and I bought this simply because it does. I can’t wait to wear this over high waisted skirts!

Now for bottoms. To be honest I really hate wearing jeans, so I am that crazy person you see walking around always wearing a skirt no matter how frigid it is. L-R American Apparel interlock pencil skirt in red. I really love the cut of the interlock pencil skirt, but American Apparel is just so pricey here. The gloomy weather here makes wearing all black a little too dreary even for me, so a little colour paired with an all black ensemble adds a bit of cheer. Topshop pencil skirt. I’ve always wanted a nude skirt, and I am excited to pair this with black tights! H&M knee length flare skirt. This is made out of a magical material that simply doesn’t crease. I can’t express how excited this makes me. I hate pressing clothes. H&M pencil skirt. One of my favourite items in my closet right now! It fits really nicely and makes everything look dressier, even if I am wearing a ratty tank top.

Party dresses simply because you’ve got to be prepared for all occasions. Society gatherings, clubs with strict dress codes, etc. L-R H&M chiffon bustier dress. I have no idea where I can wear this yet as it is rather frilly, but hopefully an occasion will arise! All Saints “jagger” draped cardigan. One of my splurges when I wanted to congratulate myself on finishing my assignments 😛 It’s the perfect layering piece. TNFC London dress I purchased from Topshop consignment. I think this label is available on ASOS as well! It came in black as well, but I figured that I had too many black dresses in my closet already… Topshop back seam tights for layering under skirts and dresses.

I have linked to all the items above online whenever I can find them.