Hey ho! It’s been a while. 2013 started not too long ago and I haven’t had the chance to even sit down and edit pictures until now! Things are however beginning to quiet down a little and we are commencing boarding on the blogging train shortly.

The year kicked off with a week-long trip to the French Alps – I signed onto a skiing course purely by chance, but now I am kicking myself that I haven’t discovered it sooner!! (Although to be fair Singapore doesn’t offer much opportunities for snowboarding or skiing). I have tried skiing once in Seoul as a kid, but the rush of adrenaline you get from speeding down a slope is a brand-new sensation. I toddled on the green trails for the first couple of days, but have since moved on from blues to reds – I’ll be taking on blacks and hopefully off-piste on my next trip in a couple of weeks! For those people whom my previous sentence makes absolutely no sense to, please scroll on by for more digestible subjects.

Got sick of my boring black hair and decided to do something about it. Reasoned that I will only have the chance to do it now before the responsibilities of adulthood (i.e. taxes, bills, and other yucky things like job searching) catches up with me. Hence the purple tips. I’m only about a couple years late to the ombré trend, but at least now I can feel slightly more at home in Shoreditch.




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