May 21, 2010
Arissa Ha

Starting a new section called “Polyvore Phriday” as opposed to CAPSLOCK PHRIDAY so yes, this week, we bring you my ideal spring wardrobe.

I sorta wore something similar when I was hanging around in London and I’ve decided that it’s an awesome Spring uniform to put on. Jacket, drapey top, shorts, thigh high socks and shitload of accessories.

Outfit Breakdown:

  • Leather Jacket: Datya Jacket, All Saints
  • Asymmetrical Top: Topshop
  • Shoes: Ann Demeulemeester
  • Shorts: American Eagles
  • Socks: Topshop
  • 2-Finger cross ring: Forever 21
  • Spiked bracelet: nOir
  • Multi Cross necklace:

What’s your Spring wardrobe this season?

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One Response to “Polyvore Phriday: Arissa’s Spring Wardrobe”

  1. lj says:

    I love black too.


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