Visited Amsterdam with Arissa last week. I’m so glad to be able to explore such a beautiful city with her. We were sort of disappointed that the weather was rather uncooperative, being the tail end of winter and all that. But the overcast condition actually produced some good pictures. I’m so going to miss Arissa taking pictures of me, because frankly I don’t think anyone else can top her when it comes to that!

I have been looking for a blouse like this forever, and I’m glad I managed to snag one at Zara. Zara has really stepped up their game lately, and it’s always a struggle not to spend too much money when I walk into a store.

Outfit breakdown:

  • Trench coat: Zara
  • Blouse with collar tips: Zara
  • Harness: AudraJean on Etsy
  • Skirt: All Saints
  • Shoes: Ann Demeulemeester
  • Bag: Mulberry