I’m really, really starting to miss the first days of summer. I don’t understand this country’s obsession with sun – we get 30℃ for one day and you see people tanning in bikinis in the middle of Covent Garden. I just want to slather myself in SPF 60 sunscreen and hide indoors in the aircon forever. Guess you can never take the fear of heat out of a Singaporean!

Really though. When you go to a ski resort and see a punch of peeling red lobsters who doesn’t believe in sunscreen, there’s about an 87.5% chance that they are British. I guess they got to make up for the lack of sun somehow.



I know my Hunter wellies are barely visible here but it is seriously one of the best purchases I’ve made this year (a close contender would be pizza). If you follow me on Instagram (plug plug plug: @propatriamori) you might have seen that I attended my first festival this year!! These wellies carried me across rain, mud, spilled beer, urine, and assorted fecal matter all the way to Slipknot, Iron Maiden, and Rammstein. They are brillant for snow, great for hiking, riding, and general lazing in the park next to urban deers.



  • All Saints Indra trench in sand (yes…I also own it in black)
  • Zara viscose blouse
  • Mint coloured m)phosis shorts
  • Hunter wellingtons