July 22, 2013
Arissa Ha

monoxious whitewashed-1edit

I am wearing white. It is time to buy the lottery! Perhaps it is a stroke of good luck no one bought this dress during the last Undergound Market flea, otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to bring it to the Maldives. monoxious whitewashed-2edit

If you are a fan of Jingna’s, you might also be able to recognise this dress as the one that I wore from here. Of course, that was a long time ago and I am trying hard to grow my hair out again. monoxious whitewashed-3edit

monoxious whitewashed-4edit

monoxious whitewashed-5edit

monoxious whitewashed-6edit

Black Outfit Breakdown:

  • Cotton dress from Muji
  • Hat from Taobao



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3 Responses to “Outfit Post: Whitewashed”

  1. Lan says:

    Very pretty dress. It looks really good on you.


  2. Valens says:

    Can you share with me what are the good taobao shops? I love those rock chic, stylish things you bought! valens.jn@hotmail.com


    Arissa replied on

    Hi Valens,

    Sorry but we don’t actually go to a specific taobao store to buy our bags. I usually do a search and pick out the individual items instead. Sorry about it.


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