Remember when I said that I will never embark on an impromptu trip again? I don’t know what makes me think that I am qualified to dish out advice when I don’t even follow my own guidance. A frenzied search for tickets and a mad dash towards the airport later (ticketing machine at the train station refused to recognise my card – I had to badger a poor, unsuspecting stranger into helping me purchase it), we were on our way towards Göteborg, Sweden.

While summer usually evokes the idea of romantic strolls along the French Rivera or cocktails by the Mediterranean sea, I have never been a beach-and-bikini sort of person. Seaside towns and beaches have just always came off as odiously commercialised to me, having spent several vacations in Thailand, Bali, and Australia. Away from the throngs of tourists and vendors usually found in the former locations however, the isolated, raw, rocky coastline of Hönö in norra skärgården was a welcomed relief. It was still too early in the season and the water was too frigid to even really dip your feet in, but there was just something incredibly serene about being alone (with the exception of the occasional asshole seagulls that deigned to screech your way) in unspoiled nature.

It wasn’t easy to get there – had I not have a local driver (thanks, J.!), I probably would never had made my way out there myself. You have to first drive to the port (about 20 minutes from the city centre itself), and board the ferry towards the island. It is entirely possible to undertake the whole journey by public transport, but I honestly wouldn’t have the patience nor the dedication to visit the archipelago without the convenience of a car.

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The water here was so clear that I seriously had no reservations about drinking from it. You could even see the shrimps darting amongst the seaweed, and catch jellyfishes barehanded (all except two are harmless)!

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What are your plans this summer holiday? x