After what is possibly the lengthiest winter in the history of recent memory, good weather has finally decided to grace us. I think I am getting too accustomed to the climate here though – it’s only 19℃ here and I am already sweating like Tyra Banks wearing a fat suit in July. May lord God and also Jesus save my soul when the height of summer actually arrives. I think I will be surviving on a steady diet of soda and ice cream.

I have noticed that I talk about the weather practically in every post. I can’t decide if I am turning British, or if the weather is truly the most interesting aspect of my appallingly boring life. Now that school’s out, all my days are spent watching marathons of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

where the wild things are 4

where the wild things are 3

where the wild things are 2

where the wild things are


  • All Saints Indra trench coat
  • American Apparel tank dress
  • H&M shapewear
  • Zara studded flats
  • Alexander Wang inspired leopard clutch (from Taobao)