Wearing almost everything new! Well, at least the jacket, bag and some accessories.

Dawn was never a fan of ramen but I recently converted her by bringing her to Santouka Ramen. Sometimes I wished my camera has a shrink function so I can bring it out where ever I go, I had a pretty decent outfit just a few days before at a wedding. Got to wear my impossible YSL cage heels but mehhhh, no photos, save for the lousy TwitPic on our twitter.

These shoes look deadly but they are oh-so-comfy~ I love how Esperanza shoes flatter your legs but are still extremely comfortable to wear.

My pathetic attempt at a JAK&JIL-esque paparazzi shot.

Let’s admire the architectural wonder that is my shoes.

Black Outfit Breakdown:

  • Camisole: H&M
  • Shorts: m)phosis
  • Jacket: My Room, Far east Plaza
  • Socks: Emilio Cavallini from ASOS
  • Shoes: Esperanza, Tokyo
  • Clutch bag: exhibit, Far east Plaza
  • Accessories: Chanel tattoos, ASOS, m)phosis, various other places