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Looking back at these pictures makes me wanna go back to the Maldives again. The clear blue water and cerulean skies make for the best pictures!monoxious visible invisible 2

I have been looking for this Feist Heist Yulia top for the longest time but posting a “WTB” on their Formspring paid off and someone was willing to give hers up. I’m so glad the transaction went through so quick that I was able to get it in time to bring it to the Maldives. monoxious visible invisible 3

Meh. It was too bright to keep my eyes open. monoxious visible invisible 4

I also managed to get a pair of really comfortable platform sandals to bring along for the trip. Again, I’m wearing the Zara origami skorts. You will definitely be seeing these more often cause I’ll be wearing them to death. monoxious visible invisible 5 monoxious visible invisible 6

Black Outfit breakdown:

  • Feist Heist Yulia Top
  • Zara Skorts
  • Sandals from Taobao

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