Obviously I have been following in Dawn’s footsteps of naming posts under random music that pops up on my iTunes. And living on a healthy dosage of game/anime soundtrack, this is what it decided to bestow upon me.

I remember it was a particularly uninspiring day, with Dawn and I hanging at the rooftop like a bunch of hobos where I took one of my favorite pictures, Darkness of the Unknown. Unfortunately for us, the sky wasn’t nearly as dramatic and we just seemed to be overall out of brainjuice.

The first pic was an accidental shot by the way. Dawn was just snapping away while i moved around and it looked like something we could use. I’m upset to say that I didn’t manage to return the favor by getting any good photos of her on that day. :<

I had this skirt from Schwing Schwing (a local blogshop) for the longest time and it was modeled after the Maison Martin Margiela skirt made famous by Geraldine Saglio where she was shot and featured on JAK&JILL.

It was a tad painful to wear cause the zipper teeth would bite into my ass and thighs when I sit down. That, or my problem is the fat ass. :< But it’s still one of my favorite skirts to wear cause it looks good plus it’s really versatile. *sigh* The things we do in the name of fashion.

Black outfit breakdown:

  • Tank Top: m)phosis
  • Skirt: Schwing Schwing
  • Knitted Circle scarf: m)phosis
  • Shoes: Esperanza

What painful stuff have you been through in the name of fashion?