urban decay

I don’t think ‘shame’ suffices to describe how I feel upon discovering Leake St. a couple weeks back – it lies literally across the road from my apartment and I have been living here for nearly a whole year. It’s a disused road/tunnel that has since been transformed into an authorised graffiti area, and I am not exaggerating when I say that it is a constantly changing landscape: there is always someone spraying and painting, and a piece never stays on the wall for longer than a week before it’s covered over by something new. I do think it’s worth a visit if you are in London, especially with it being a 1 minute walk away from Westminster Abbey and the London Eye.

Plus this tunnel leads to an awesome Thai eatery so that gets it an A+ in my books.

urban decay 3

Wearing NARS semi-matte lipstick in Transeurope Express – it’s a very flattering deep rose in real life, and the pictures make it slightly more saturated than they really are!

urban decay 2

urban decay 4

  • Topshop leather jacket
  • H&M jumper
  • Gucci maxi skirt
  • Neon pink 14″ Cambridge satchel
  • McQ by Alexander McQueen boots
  • Necklace from Taobao