Sorry we don’t have half naked girls prancing around with a sign to announce this, but yes, it’s round two of the Tampines1 Weekly Challenge! Same rules as follows: Simply become a fan on Tampines1’s Facebook Page! and “like” the picture. If you are already a member, then just click to vote! Told you it’d get easier.

Yes everyone! This is actually not in a shade of black! I felt like pairing something romantic and girly with the shoes. Afterall, romantic is the operative word of Spring/Summer 2010, isn’t it? I kept the look from being tooth-achingly sweet and cliche with the harness and the shoes, and balancing it out with the whimsical accessories.

Snakeskin sandals: Jwest, $149.90
Dress: Topshop, $119
Camisole: Uniqlo, $14.90
Harness: My own
Corsage: Chameleon, $5.90
Necklace: Diva, $13

I wore it with our very own DIY Maison Michel ears here.

Since we (and by we, I mean I) are on the topic of voting, let me just say that I absolutely hate, hate, hate rallying for votes. You will vote for me, or you won’t. I am saying this because I am absolutely grateful to everyone who have voted for me without me badgering you to. I am saying this because I am truly happy that all of you did this unconditionally (I am saying unconditionally because I honestly have no idea who did or did not vote, so they are not doing this for my worthless gratitude). I am happy that all of you who have voted for me took the trouble to, even if I only talked to you once a year, or have never at all. And that truly means more to us at Monoxious than anything. Reading the comments and messages makes me realize how fortunate we are to have your constant support despite our laziness when it comes to blogging sometimes. And this does not just apply to those who have voted for us. It goes out to all our readers. Thank you for your support! And I am sorry for this verbal diarrhea that is longer than Sarah Jessica Parker’s face.

Special thanks to Ladyironchef who took the pictures (Incidentally, he is neither a lady, nor made of iron,) and Jingna who took one look at my sad attempt to edit the first picture, shook her head, and edited it for me.