As I was saying, I visited Switzerland some time back. I dropped my camera en route to the top of Harder Klum in Interlaken. Let us spare a few moments to mourn for the EF 17-40mm lens which has sacrificed itself in a noble effort to protect the camera body. You have served me well. (JOY, it didn’t die but I had to spend a couple of hundreds to fix it.)

Let us revisit Bern and the beautiful sights that has continued to amaze me every time I visit.

Let us take a break and head to Interlaken now. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. The sights are simply breathtaking.

It’s at the point where the I’m heading up to Harder Klum when my camera lens broke and I had to settle for another lens which I brought along.

I wish this had been taken by my wide angle lens instead. :/

It was quite difficult trying to dress up for this outing as I practically experienced a few seasons in a day. The morning was chilly but when the sun came out it was warm and sometimes even hot but going up the mountain, it was cold again.

Black Outfit Breakdown:

  • Jeans: H&M
  • Sheer Blouse: H&M
  • Camisole: H&M
  • Boots: H&M
  • Accessories: m)phosis

(Yes I am aware that I’m dressed top to toe in H&M)