Singapore can be pretty uninspiring at times, while I endeavor to take photos at nice spots, it can be really hard to keep other people out of the picture, take for example the nice family frolicking in the sun at the bottom right of the picture.

Outfit posts calls for wearing stuff that I just bought. In a true hyperbole and a half style, I shall “wear ALL the new things”.

The metal collar tipped blouse feels like it’s all the rage now. I personally found the one from Zara a little expensive and the collar tips a little too small. I like the size of the tips on the blouse that I have on. The shopping tote in Jil Sander style fits much more than it looks, being lightweight is a plus as I tend to carry a lot of things when I’m out.

These Simone Rocha knockoffs are the darling of my recent taobao haul. I haven’t gotten pictures of the haul but I decided to wear them out first. I love how they make people look twice. From far, it really looks like I am tiptoeing.

My hair has also faded into an unknown shade. It was a really really nice greyish brown but everything faded while I was in New York where I didn’t have the opportunity to take any photos of myself. Someone tried to insult my hair colour on Formspring saying that I look like a boy, I thought this fact has already been established when I tweeted my pre-dye bleached hair. Anyway, I desperately need a haircut and a new hair colour.

Black Outfit Breakdown:

We’ve been receiving questions on emails on how to shop on Taobao. Please note that we have written a helpful tutorial on how to shop there. You may wish to check it out.