Pardon me for another one of those “one photo outfit posts”. I wish I had a travelling photographer with me all the time, but truth of the matter is, I don’t. As it is, I’m just really really grateful for someone who can aim and use a DSLR.


The Complex Geometries Mega Hose (which I got for a steal), slips down when I walk about. I was arranging it in a purposeful manner but within 10mins of getting out of the room, everything is wonky. It bunches up below my knees and at my ankles, I wish there was some way to make it stay in the manner which I arranged it in.

These boots make my feet look biggggg. T____T

Also, I loved the camera that was used to take this photo so much that I’ve decided to get it for myself too. The size is a huge plus since it’s really much more portable than my DSLR. A post on this soon!

Black Outfit breakdown:

  • Dress: The Scarlet Room
  • Jacket: My Room
  • Mesh leggins: Complex Geometries
  • Boots: Ann Demeulemeester
  • Accessories: various random places

A little update on the situation in Tokyo solely based on my observations. Click “read more”.

I’ve noticed that the city is a little bit more dimly lit cause of electricity conservations. There has been a few lifts and automated machines here and there that have been temporarily shut down as well in the bid to conserve electricity. Train lines in Tokyo seem to be fully operational, save the ones that I’ve been on anyway.

Despite these little inconveniences, the Japanese (in Tokyo at least) are still going about their daily lives. Their resilience and tenacity are truly that to be admired. Our heart goes out to everyone who is still affected in Fukushima and its surrounding areas.