I had my hair dyed! This is probably news to people who aren’t following our twitter. These were taken last week and by now it has faded to an unrecognizable rusty cherry red. Actually, I have no idea how to describe the colour right now.

Met up with Venetia for tea and also dinner. These photos were also taken by her! I’m so glad there’s someone to take photos for me when Dawn is not around.

This outfit also makes up part of the “White shirt series“, this time paired up with a shredded T-shirt and skirt.

My Country Road bag which has my Cheap Monday sunglasses hanging precariously on the handle.

These awesome Dsquared skate moss shoes were featured in the recent purchases post. It’s the first time I’m wearing them out cause Venetia requested to see them after I posted them on Instagram.

Black Outfit Breakdown

  • Skirt with zipper detail: Schwing Schwing
  • White shirt: Uniqlo
  • T-shirt: DIY
  • Bag: Country Road
  • Shoes: Dsquared
  • Necklace: H&M
  • Stockings/Tights: Topshop