Has it been two months? Maldives seemed so far away and it makes me crave for another short getaway.

My daily ritual on the tiny resort we stayed in consisted of waking up to the sun shining into our room, getting breakfast, lounging around until lunch, getting ourselves fat at lunch, drinking at the bar during sunset and then getting dinner. Rinse, repeat. Most nights, it was slightly cloudy but the boyfriend woke me up at 4am to look at stars cause the sky cleared up. It was 5 full days of doing nothing; the best kind of holiday ever. No itinerary, no schedule to stick to and certainly no rushing.

monoxious sun worship-1edit

monoxious sun worship-3edit

monoxious sun worship-4edit

Not sure if this is anyone else’s ideal holiday but I would love to hear yours!!

Black outfit breakdown:

  • Chiffon tank top: DressHead
  • Hat: Topshop
  • Bralet top: Helmut Lang
  • Skorts: Zara
  • Shoes: Taobao

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