I really wish I lived in one of these charming colonial-era buildings. But as it is, I satisfy myself with shamelessly camwhoring in front of strangers’ properties.

I bought this American Apparel double-U dress almost a year ago during a massive warehouse sale in London. It really makes for a sexy yet elegant silhouette. I’m really glad they have started shipping to Singapore! Despite my endless complaints about the steep prices, I really find that my most-worn basics are from American Apparel. Their interlock pencil skirt is a perennial favourite.

I left so many of my shoes back home when I moved to London, that I have completely forgotten about the existence of this pair of wedges until a recent closet cleanout. Discovering clothes you have forgotten about is nearly as satisfying as buying new ones.

  • Double-U dress: American Apparel
  • Skirt: All Saints
  • Socks: Tutuanna, Japan
  • Shoes: Siren
  • Headband: Onespo / taobao.