February 12, 2014
Arissa Ha


Blade Runner Cropped top / ARC the Label • White Top / Taobao •  Camera Bag /Aide de Camp •  Shoes /Ann Demeulemeester • Necklace /COS  •  Skirt /H&M • Hair/Hairloom •

I’ve always been a fan of neoprene and the boyfriend was surprised when I mentioned that I just bought my first neoprene item from ARC the label. Speaking of neoprene, they had that in the bag strap of my new Aide de Camp Madison bag, I’ll be doing a proper review of this handy camera bag soon!


Tried to spend a little more time on my makeup today and attempted a gradient eye makeup with NARS Khao San Road eyeliner, Outremer eyeshadow and Pandora eyeshadow duo. Is anyone actually interested in a tutorial for this?


My nails are also a lot fancier than usual although I couldn’t find time to go to a manicurist before Chinese New Year. The designs might look complicated but they are actually transparent nail wraps from NCLA. I’ve tried plenty of nail wraps before and they usually end up with bubbles on the side but the NCLA is just the right thickness and the foil stretches and adheres to different nail shapes. The transparent nail wraps are available on Zalora and I would love to get my hands on the more designs.

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5 Responses to “Outfit Post: Space Cadet”

  1. Tamara says:

    I love your make up! I’d love to see a tutorial! :)


    Arissa replied on

    Hi Tamara,
    thank you! I’ll work on one and post it soon. :)


  2. rae says:

    really lovely look – i don’t own any neoprene but I look the futuristic vibe to it.

    rae at lovefromberlin


    Arissa replied on

    Thanks Rae! It’s takes some time to find the perfect neoprene piece! I hope you come across it soon. :)


  3. Annette says:

    Hello Arissa,

    I love your make up too!! I would love to see tutorial about how you did your make up. Also, I noticed on your Instagram, you got the NARSissist palette! It would be cool if you could do a review on that as well!

    I adore the nails too. They’re pretty spiffy. 😀


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