June 24, 2014
Dawn Poh

In many ways, Gothenburg’s landscape reminds me a lot of Singapore’s Keppel Bay area… A harbour’s still a harbour, regardless of where in the world it is.

A recent discussion with a friend reinforced my belief that I simply cannot tolerate living anywhere too far inland – I am by no means a beach person, but I do love being close to the sea (regardless of the fact that Singapore’s waters are so polluted that I seriously doubt its ability to sustain life). There’s just something invigorating about the salt air; it’s the perfect mixture of rotting seaweed, seagull excrement, and fresh air. It sounds no way palatable, but I am sure most island/coast dwellers can agree with me that it just brings you to the earliest memories of happiness.

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I have been on the lookout for a classic biker jacket recently, and this Zara one just fitted the bill perfectly. It was even reasonably priced! The problem with me is that if I latch on to a style, I end up buying about 10 variations of the same item – a look through my closet would confirm my love for draped jackets and bodycon skirts, amongst other things. Now that the weather’s so bring and warm, I’m at a complete loss at how to work my autumn/winter heavy closet; this has spurred me on a journey to find said biker jacket (done!) and summer dresses (still needs beefing up in this department).

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At least I have the shoes department covered with these spanking new Jeffrey Campbell Soirees! I know I’m about a year late to the trend, but it takes a long time for me to warm up to an item, especially a trendy item. I spend months mulling over a purchase, and when I finally decide to go for it, the fad would have passed. Ah well – at least I know that I really like them!

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Jacket /Zara • Jumper /Zara • Skirt /All Saints • Shoes /Jeffrey Campbell Soiree

Help me build my summer closet! What are your summer must-haves this year? x

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4 Responses to “Outfit Post: Soirée”

  1. Nina Irojiro says:

    I’m the same, took me a year after the hype was over to buy my JC Lita Spikes, and now I am starting to warm up to the idea of having chunky winter boots, like chunky platforms. Ah well. As you say, at least I like them. 😛


    Dawn replied on

    Yes! It’s not so much about trend as it is about style, anyway!


  2. Miru W. says:

    Love the skirt and shoes!
    In the summer I tend to still wear mainly black and red and with the heat, I usually wear no-sleeve dresses with my favorite accents like mesh paneling, black lace, or spikes on the collars.


    Dawn replied on

    Thanks Miru! It sounds like we could share the same closet!


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