My obsession with these shoes will never cease, this is easily marked by the fact that I bought two of them, although one pair died after serving me for 2 years. They are easily one of my top favorite and I rave about them every time I post an outfit post wearing them.

The chiffon overlay dress is a new piece from taobao which make me border on indecency and modesty whenever there’s a gust of wind. Which reminds me, how do you guys like my sad excuse of a GIF? I tried pretty hard to make it loop properly but it seems like I’ll need more practice.

Black Outfit Breakdown

  • Chiffon Dress: Taobao
  • Skirt: Schwing Schwing
  • Camisole: H&M
  • Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell for LF stores
  • Leather Harness: AudraJean on Etsy