We’re back we’re back! Did you miss us? No? I will take that as a yes anyway.

As you can see, some of our posts have been eaten up by the Omnomnomasaurus during our server migration, but fear not! We’ll be embarking on a heroic crusade to rescue them soon. Anyway, here’s the much delayed post that was supposed to be up before our site went aw/ol on us. Don’t be too hard on it, though. I had a good talk with it and it managed to seem somehow remorseful.

Enough with the rigmarole, I can’t believe it is already the third -and final- challenge! Its truly a mixture of joy with a tinge of sadness. It may signify the end of sleepless nights editing the pictures and fretting over outfits, but also the thrill of hunting for an outfit and shooting with a tight deadline looming over our heads. I have not only encountered new friends, but also explored beyond the boundaries of my comfort zone when it comes to fashion. Thank you Tampines1!

  • Cardigan: BossiniStyle, $59
  • Top: Dorothy Perkins, $46
  • Skirt: Topshop, $76
  • Hair corsage: Topshop, $19
  • Necklace: Diva, $13
  • Diamante ring: 5.90, Chameleon
  • Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent

When I first saw this cardigan, I was at a loss of how to coordinate it. Even my mum said that it “wasn’t something you’d normally wear”. It’s true, I’ve get to grow out of black/studs/buckles/zipper obsession. The delicate crocheting details immediately reminds me of the whimsical romantic silhouettes I saw in Chanel’s famous s/s 10 show. Hence I chose to keep the colours within the same palette, and coordinated the outfit with the recurring theme of black bow against nude background in the top, skirt and shoes. The neckline is embellished with sequins and printed motifs, which I feel keep the top from being too plain and blending together with the cardigan. The soft floaty skirt complements the top perfectly, and the bow detailing immediatedly brings to mind the YSL cage heels in silver from their spring 2009 collection. The delicate silver keeps the cage detailing from being too distracting and overpowering, and the black velvet bow then ties the whole outfit together. (Pun unintended)

Somehow I had the misconception that the more you pay for the shoes (i.e. designer), the more comfortable they would be. Well, let me dispel this rumor once and for all. This pair of heels are as uncomfortable as a rectum examination. Not like I had one, but you probably didn’t want to know that anyway.

What do you think? Are designer shoes really more comfortable, or are you just paying for the brand and the design?