September 24, 2011
Dawn Poh

I arrived in London on saturday morning and headed for Borough market almost immediately, despite being jetlagged as hell. I’ve been craving oysters ever since I came here last winter! So glad I’ve finally managed to get my fix :9

I think the weather has begun to take a chillier turn here – it’s perfect for wearing jackets and layering! I must say that I’m starting to miss the warmth back in Singapore though. It will no doubt be full blown once winter hits.

Outfit Breakdown:

  • Coat: Taobao
  • Jacket: Topshop
  • Blouse: The Scarlet Room
  • Skirt, Belt: m)phosis
  • Shoes: H&M
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4 Responses to “Outfit Post: Repressed [Black Outfit Ideas]”

  1. crisel says:

    ohhh what a dress its all black nice rock and roll.
    Gillette Shavers


  2. Lebasi says:

    I spot the necklace!! <3


  3. Glad you could get your fix and London is an amazing city :)

    Japan Australia


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