While we congratulated Dawn on being 21 just a few days ago, I’m feeling the dreariness of being an adult. Sometimes I wish I could just drop everything and be a traveling hippie (okay not really but you get the point), but alas I have responsibilities and commitments to fulfill so I’m going to stop whining for now and get back to whatever it is adults do.

This outfit has nothing to do with a rat race of course, I do like to take the opportunity to rant about life once in a while. If anyone objects to this, I think I will take my rants at some other location.

If anyone notices, I am actually wearing the nail polish from the Gareth Pugh x MAC collection. I’m not usually a fan of blue but the iridescent hue grows on me.

Fake Hermes galore on my arms. When will I be able to afford the real deal? 🙁

PS: omg Lenne and Venetia, do you remember how long ago these photos were taken? serious backlog is serious.

Black Outfit Breakdown:

  • Blazer: Topshop
  • Chiffon skirt: taobao
  • Shoes: Dsquared replica from taobao