August 7, 2009
Arissa Ha

Again, I apologise for the lack of posterity.

It’s really hard when all you’re doing is work work work. It drains you out so much, oI haven’t been shopping much lately, although I did score an awesome drapey top from Ann Demeulemeester on eBay.

Dawn and I were at the skate park today taking pictures, it was pretty scary since both of us were afraid of being run down by random sk8terboys skateboarders.

Today’s look is centered around this T shirt which i brutally destroyed. It was made like months ago, I’ve stepped on the back and tore it while I was getting up from a squatting position. The washing machine raped it several times but I’m happy with how it looks except for the dangly bits which destroyed the whole drape.

The ripped Tshirt look has been around since S/S 08? Looks like it’s here to stay for quite some time. This remains one of my fav pieces to wear cause it’s so airy and cool. It’s especially awesome for Singapore’s hot and humid weather.

Arissa lookbook 050809

Top: Self destroyed Tee

Inner slip dress: Topshop

Shorts: Forever21

Boots: Harajuku shoes

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6 Responses to “Outfit post: Rag and Bones”

  1. Amy says:

    how in the world did you shred that tshirt!???!! its AMAZING

    love your looks (:


    Arissa replied on

    Thank you~!! It was all done pretty quickly and randomly. I actually did the front panel in a 20min cab ride. XD


  2. misshermes says:

    Woah… It looks really cool. I love it. <3


  3. AMY says:

    oh wowww
    do you think you can make a tutorial on how you shredded the tshirt??
    because im dying to know~~~


  4. key says:

    dude. your shirt is so amazing! what kind of shirt was it before/what material? i must try to *accidentally* rip my own! lol


    Arissa replied on

    it was just a regular tshirt. I forgot from forever21 or Old navy.


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