If there was a competition for the “Worst puns in a blog post title”, I would win hands-down. In light of our location, I wish tottering around in heels in Dam square could top as one of my special abilities in a resume. Alas, these skills I possess brings no merit to anyone.

Spotting an awful cold the day we shot this. Funny story actually, you can truly tell when a person is so comfortable with the cleanliness and lack of potholes in Singapore (despite the amount of annual rainfall we get) when you get splashed by puddle water from an incoming car in Amsterdam.  For that, I got a cold and looked absolutely divine the next day.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve worn the scarlet room’s draped dress. It’s definitely one of my favorite pieces in the wardrobe. I really hope it won’t fall apart on me considering how much wear I get out of it.

Amsterdam still proves its charm in such gloom. I only hope to be able to visit again.

Black Outfit Breakdown: