I wore this outfit to shop around Orchard Road yesterday, completely forgetting that it was monsoon season! I love this outfit, but I wasn’t exactly dressed for the rain so I stayed indoors most of the time instead. When it’s monsoon season in Singapore, there tends to be a steady drizzle from day to night, with huge flash storms in between. It is no joke, and you really have to dress appropriately for the rain to prevent yourself from getting drenched and catching a cold. I will surely remember to dress for a rainy day the next time I head out!

Here’s my outfit for a rainy day yesterday:
outfit for a rainy day

outfit for a rainy day

Outfit Rundown

  • Top: Unknown brand, purchased from TopShop Oxford Circus.
  • Shorts: Hong Kong
  • Tights: TopShop
  • Shoes: Sonia Rykiel for H&M
  • Bag: Haji Lane

Here are my tips for how to dress for the rain:

  1. Wear covered shoes or shoes with tall platforms. I think the worst mistake anyone can make when dressing for the rain is to wear sandals and end up having their feet wet! Covered shoes prevent the dirty water on the pavement from seeping into your shoes and shoes with tall platforms help keep your feet off the puddles of water and muck! I was glad I wore my Sonia Rykiel for H&M wedges. I could walk through a puddle without wetting my feet. Not only are wet feet uncomfortable, they are hardly sanitary and could potentially lead to fungal infections.
  2. Wear a hat or tie your hair up. Rain leads to frizziness, your hair’s biggest enemy. To prevent rain from turning your hair into an unkempt frizzball, either do your hair up, or tuck it under a cap! Hiding your hair under a cap prevents it from getting drenched in the rain as well. I usually tuck my hair under a beanie or tie it into a bun when I am heading out into the rain. Besides knowing how to dress for the rain, taking care of your appearance matters as well!
  3. Avoid clothing made of wool. While it is tempting to whip out your chic wool sweater in the slightly chilly weather, you do not want to ruin your sweater over it! Remember that wool shrinks when it’s wet. So it might be a better idea to keep it in a warm and dry place at home. Not to mention the scent of wet wool is pretty reminiscent of that of a wet dog. Knowing how to dress for the rain is essentially knowing what materials are suitable for the weather. Avoid bags made of cloth as well. Bags are one of the first things to get wet because you usually neglect to shelter it from the rain, and you really wouldn’t want your electronics to get wet!
  4. Unless you can be sure that you can dry your boots completely, avoid wearing leather/pleather shoes. Like I have mentioned in one of my previous posts, mould loves damp places to grow on. If you insist on wearing your boots out, make sure to dry it later using a hair dryer set on cool. Too much heat from the hair dryer may melt pleather and even the glue used to hold the shoe together. Opt instead for shoes made of waterproofed canvas or even rubber or PVC.

These are all of my tips for how to dress for the rain! Don’t forget your brolly, and don’t let the rain be an excuse for you to hole up at home!