I often wonder if it’s just girls who wear the clothes and accessories immediately after they bought it. I’m showcasing my spoils from the Fashion Blogger flea the day after. I’m quite late to blog this, I know but I’m really buzzing with excitement for the next one we are planning!

The dress is from Lucyd Acyd which I got from Venetia FOR A STEAL.  I had initially seen the white version being sold by Vanessa but was apprehensive cause it’s not black. The black version is my reward for patience! The barb wire leather bracelet (actually a necklace) was shamelessly declared mine kindly given to me as a free gift!

Incidentally, I’m wearing not just one but TWO of our DIYs out that day. I was complaining to Dawn and Jayden during lunch that the exposed side of my body is really cold from the body harness. I usually use the transparent clutch as a cover for my Wacom tablet to prevent scratches to the surface but it’s a great size for a lunch date.

Black Outfit Breakdown:

  • Dress: Lucyd Acyd
  • Transparent ClutchDIY
  • Body Chain Harness: DIY
  • Shoes: taobao
  • Stockings: a gift from Dawn (from Hokkaido)