Nuffnangawards_arissa-1Featuring the DIY embellished lace stockings that we made before the Nuffnang award ceremony.

I couldn’t find a dress that I liked (and I took a whole month to look for it, in London, in New York) so I made one of my own. It is very reminiscent to the Alexander Wang Goddess dress in purple. I loved the drapey details  so I draped one of my own and it only took one day to finish.

Too bad you can’t see much details here. I was laughing at how I managed to look like I only have one foot in this picture, the Acne wedges that almost every fashion blogger covet arrived just 2 days before the ceremony. Muahahhahaa~

Outfit breakdown:

  • Dress: DIY
  • Stockings: Warehouse (London) /DIY
  • Bag: m)phosis (don’t you love the chainmail straps?)
  • Shoes: Acne Atacoma Silver/black wedges
  • Acessories: really random stuff I bought from Far East Plaza, Primark (London) and Shilin Night market (Taipei)

I wish there was a better shot of the accessories I had on.