Since we are on the topic of hair, let’s talk about mine too! Just kidding – this post is so overdue that I am just clinging on to whatever excuse I can to make it marginally more acceptable. If you have been following my instagram (shameless plug: @propatriamori!), you’d probably have realised that I’ve gone back to a most boring shade of black months ago. I’d love to maintain bright hair, but as it is even the toughest of black dyes washes out of my hair within a month. I think I am doomed to have a half-assed shade of brown forever.

no more blues

I’d also like to take this chance to plug one of the favourite products I have discovered lately – the Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Icon simply doesn’t come off unless you want it to! It applies as a liquid (not unlike a less sticky lipgloss), and dries matte (give me matte or give me death: I abhor glossy lips). The liquid form requires a certain amount of precision, so I only reach for it when I feeling fancy.

no more blues 2

no more blues 3

I love these Cheap Monday Cryokinesis shades so much that I literally own 3 pairs of them. But I lost two so now it’s back to square one (and everyone wonders why I feel compelled to buy multiples of the things I love). Resolution for 2014: stop losing your shit, yo.

no more blues 4

  • Zara trench coat
  • Zara dress
  • m)phosis heels
  • Cheap Monday sunglasses