Too awesome for words.

A Monoxious first, collaborating with zemotion aka Zhang Jingna a good friend and my most favorite photographer of all time.

We had fun running around New York City yesterday taking photos of each other, both of us travel pretty often and it’s hard for us to meet up in Singapore. Instead, we meet up in Beijing, Tokyo and most recently, New York.

This shot was taken in Bryant Park where they had cleared the lawn for sprinkling, the random chairs that are still left there are pretty surreal looking. We loved it so much. The sun was so fickle and there were so many lighting problem but we emerged victorious.

Her hair colour looks awesome under the sun, I got the flare in her face but she likes this shot so yeahhhh.

Outfit breakdown:

  • Skirt: Osmose
  • Tank top: Nicholas
  • Knit Cardigan: Ann Demeulemeester
  • Necklace: random store from Studio-Alta, Shinjuku.

Much love to zemotion for the opportunity for collaboration. Meet up soon~!