It seems as if black and Singapore weather have both agreed to disagree. Not only is the heat sweltering, the humidity in the air kills your hair with unerring efficiency as well. Instincts have told me to hole up in the comfort of an air-conditioned room, but nothing shall stand between me and good old retail therapy after a week of studying.


Headband from m)phosis, which everyone and their mother own. Nevertheless, I really love it. It’s probably my favourite hair accessory at the moment, and at only 9.90, it’s really something to rave about.


Lace scarf with pom-pom trim. 10 is a magical number for me. Hand me any cute accessory that costs below $10, and you can be sure as hell that I’ll grab it. It’s almost compulsive.


If you are like me and hate boots that ends right at the fattest portion of your calves, thigh high socks are a great solution to prevent your legs from turning into stumps. Or just to cover up scarred legs. Boots are from some shoe shop in Cambridge. If you happen to go there, Cambridge is actually filled with awesome shops, including All Saints which I have mentioned a few posts back.