We attended the opening night of our friend Jingna’s exhibition, Angel Dreams, a few days ago. The bulk of picture are still being processed by Arissa but here’s a little peek. I really love how whimsical and personal the wall of snapshots is. There is just some quality about physical photographs that differs from digital ones –ย  a wall plastered with polaroids and 5Rs just isn’t the same as photos on your facebook wall. All these pictures were printed with Canon’s Selphy printer and I find myself tempted to get one, except my cat would rip every single picture off the wall to line her litter box. That bitch.

I bought this fascinator when my friend Elsie brought me to an Accessorize store in Trocadero Square, Piccadilly Circus when I was in London a few months ago. Accessorize is nothing new in London, except this particular one is always on sale. Storewide. I am going to stop here to let that sink in.

Black Outfit Breakdown:

  • Cardigan: H&M
  • Dress: Mango
  • Stockings: Miss Selfridge
  • Shoes: H&M Divided
  • Necklace: Claires
  • Fascinator: Accessorize

I just got back from Germany not too long ago and I shudder at the thought of weighing myself on the scale. When I pack on weight, all of it goes to my thighs and arms. I have got nothing against women with curves, but they have to be in the right places. I am so paranoid to wear shorts now because I am afraid that my cottage cheese thighs will jiggle tantalizingly at every passer-by. How very fetching.

Someone please buy me this to hide in? It seems warm and damp and all you need to do is to pass me a morsel or two every few days.